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Hi everyone…

Pinterest is the hot topic on internet marketing forums lately. It is getting bigger day by day. Many people are calling Pinterest as “Search Engine for Pictures”.

So, can we get any benefit out of this? Can we earn some money from Pinterest?

Yes; we can. We are making money through Pinterest traffic for more than a year now. We have great amount of experience and knowledge on Pinterest traffic.

We are getting a lot of questions regarding to Pinterest. And many are not ‘believing’ the results that we are getting. So, we have decided to document every step along the way… We will create a new site and we will try to make money through this site.

Do you want to follow us? Keep checking this site often. We will provide updates regularly.

Here are couple FAQs that we keep getting from people. Here are the answers:

Why Pinterest?

Couple reasons:

  • It is getting bigger an bigger every day
  • The competition is not terrible (yet)
  • Perfect traffic for making money through Adsense


Is Pinterest traffic Adsense safe?

Yes. We are making money through Adsense with mainly Pinterest traffic for more than a year. So, the answer is: YES. The traffic is Adsense safe.


Can we use this traffic for other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can. The traffic is “organic” traffic. There is no difference between Pinterest traffic or Google SEO traffic.

So far we are earning money through Adsense, Media.Net and also Amazon affiliate programs. We have just started testing couple clickbank products to see the results.


Are we using any automation system?

Yes, we are. Otherwise, we cannot create dozens of pins for all different niches that we have sites on (home decor, jewelry, beauty, health, etc.)

The system doesn’t belong to us. And it has a monthly fee (depending on the number of Pinterest accounts). The details will be shared with our customers. If you need more information, please reach out to us.


If you have any other questions, please let us know. We will be happy to answer.


Apart from this public experiment steps, there are 2 other important sections in our site:


1 – Available Services:

We have great amount of experience on Pinterest traffic. We are creating sites and making money with them.

One day, while we were discussing this question came up:

Why not to provide this service for others?

We have decided to create couple different packages for you. Please check the services page and let us know if you have any questions.


2 – Sites for Sale:

We built sites and once they reach a good amount of traffic and earnings, we sell them. Up until now we were selling through Flippa. Now we are starting to sell the websites directly to buyers from here.

So, if you are thinking to buy a site with already traffic and income, check our Sites for Sale page.


We understand that there are many of you willing to work on this process; however you don’t have all the details about this process. And also, you may not have the required funds to buy a site from us, or buy a managed campaign from us.

For those individuals, we have prepared a detailed guide. This guide has all the details about our process. You will have answers for your questions like these:

  • How do we create Pinterest accounts
  • How many pins we generate daily?
  • How often do we pin?
  • Which tools we use to create pins?
  • Do we follow other Pinterest users?
  • Do we use our url for our pins all the time?
  • and much more…

As of end of February 2019; our guide is ready. 

You can purchase the guide now and start making money with Free Pinterest Traffic. Please see the details on this page.


If you have any questions, you can reach us through contact us page.

Have a great day to all…


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