First Monthly Report on the Project

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you will reach all your goals in 2019 and more.

December was a little hectic; from the public experiment project point of view and also my other personal projects.

Pinterest makes some huge account suspensions every 3-4 months, and this December storm was bad. I mean, really really bad.

If you read all my weekly reports you may remember, I have created 10 Pinterest accounts to drive traffic to my site. Those accounts were driving traffic to the site, and the income was getting higher every month.

Again, as you may remember from my last report, I have closed the November with just below $ 100 with earnings.

In December, in 2 different days, Pinterest suspended many many accounts. And as a result, I have lost many money making accounts. šŸ™ sigh…

The traffic was going strong at the beginning of December. The site was getting around 250 unique visits every day from Pinterest. And as a result, the income was going up.

And then the suspensions came. The traffic went down drastically. On December 21, the site has received only 31 unique visitors…

Working on Internet Marketing is not easy. There’s no ‘free food’. We have to keep up with changes to be able to stay on top of everything. This is what I am doing right now.

Seeing this many suspended accounts were not easy. But since, I KNOW the process WORKS; there is one thing to do: Replace the suspended accounts as quick as possible.

This is what I am doing right now:

  • I am replacing the accounts.
  • I am analyzing the suspended accounts to understand the reasons for suspensions.
  • I am starting to use another automation tool (instead of putting all the eggs to the same basket)

Since I have started to replace the accounts, my traffic started increasing again. These days the daily uniques are between 150 – 200 / day.

There is no reason to give up šŸ™‚ Even after this many suspensions, the results are much much better than and other IM work. Here are the December details:


Even though I had many accounts suspended, the overall December traffic was higher than November. I was expecting a much better increase in December, but I am ok with this increase as well šŸ™‚

The site has received more than 4,000 uniques in this month. Which makes in average, almost 140 unique / day.

Please don’t forget the age of the site. It is only 4 months old, and getting 140 visits / day.



I was expecting to reach at least $ 150 / month level in December, but I couldn’t. The Adsense income was $ 107. Here is the proof:


Plans for January – for the Project

  1. The first target is to replace all suspended accounts with new ones. Since the accounts will be young accounts I won’t expect super high traffic from those ones. But, once they will get aged in a month or so, the traffic will raise again.
  2. It has been so long since I have created the site. I even forgot about the article subjects šŸ™‚ I will review the content, and if there is any possibility to make some affiliate commissions, I will add some affiliate links. Maybe Amazon, and clickbank.
  3. Everybody says; ‘the money is in the list’. I will analyze the possibilities, and accordingly I may start collecting email addresses from the site. Writing follow up emails, and keeping the email list ‘warm’ is not easy and time consuming. That’s why I am not sure, but I will definitely think about this option as well.


Other Plans for January

I have an exciting announcement for you: The detailed Pinterest Traffic Guide is being prepared !!!

In this guide, we are documenting all the details of our process.

You will NOT have any more questions in your mind after you read this guide.

And also, your bank account will start getting healthier and happier once you start implementing the techniques in this guide šŸ™‚

If you are interested in this guide, please join our email list. You can see the subscription form on the right side bar. Just enter your Name and email address, and you will be in. Why do you need to subscribe? There is 2 reasons:

  1. Once the guide is ready, first we will make the announcement to our mailing list. The friends on our list will have priority to access to the detailed guide.
  2. And also, our subscribers will be able to have the guide with a discounted price.


We are not planning to provide this guide to dozens of people (you can understand our position; we don’t want everyone being our competitors). We haven’t decided the full number yet, but we will be providing this guide to 5 or 10 people initially.

So, if you want to learn the details of the process – just subscribe to our mailing list. And wait for the announcement šŸ™‚


Until the next report, we wish you all a happy and successful January.








Updated: January 7, 2019 — 7:57 pm


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  1. Happy to hear from you that you saved the 100$ line for December. šŸ™‚ Also I’m looking forward for your Guide, sounds like a very interesting thing! Definitely subscribed and can’t wait for it!

    All the best and keep us updated,

    1. Many thanks Phil for your comment.

      Yes; we think that the guide will help us many IMers for their work. We are trying to finalize the doc as soon as possible. We’ll be in touch…

      Have a great rest of the week.

  2. hi,

    you said automation tool whats the name of the tool you are using?

    thank you

    1. I am using 2 different tools; and all the details will be in the ‘pinterest guide’ that I am working on. Just wait a little more time, it will be ready. As of now; 80% is completed… Just going through again and adding necessary information to make all the process clear for the readers.

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