Is it possible to make money from Pinterest?

Yes, it is possible.

I am making thousands of dollars every month, just from Pinterest traffic (all free traffic – NO paid adds). I am getting a lot of questions from everyone. So, I decided to create a quick website and to have a public exercise.

I have many sites that make money from Pinterest right now, but I will not reveal them here. Instead, I will do this and report back here:

  1. I will register a new domain
  2. I will create a new site on this new domain
  3. I will create new Pinterest accounts to promote this new website
  4. And I will watch the traffic and income to grow 🙂

Let’s see how much I will earn in every month. My target is to reach between $ 200-300 / month level in 3 months. Do you think this is doable? Let me know 🙂

Updated: September 13, 2018 — 7:26 pm


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  1. Hey there! I have just found your website and am reading back from your first post. It’s great that you are doing so well with Pinterest traffic and I’ll be following your progress. I already saw you have been getting adsense clicks so congratulations!

    I’m interested to know how often you post to Pinterest with links to your site?


    1. Thanks for your kinds words.

      There are many parameters to decide on how often to post to Pinterest. It is important your niche, your targets, keyword research etc. Please let me know a little more about your case, and I will try to answer.

      Thanks again for your comment.

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