Monthly Report II – (for) January 2019

Hi everyone.

It is hard to believe but we are already in the second week of February. Time is really flying 🙂

I am late for this month’s (January’s) report. Sorry for this, and here are all the details:

Maybe you remember from last month’s report ( that, many of my accounts were suspended by Pinterest in December.

When I was writing my monthly report last month, I wasn’t sure what caused the suspensions. Usually Pinterest makes some serious updates every 3 or 4 months. And up until this December, they have never effected me much. My process was always safe and strong against any Pinterest algorithm changes. But this time, it was bad…

Before creating more accounts, I had to understand the reason. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense to keep creating accounts, which would be suspended after a while. So, I spent some time with the analysis. And found the problem. Here it is:

As you know, we need only 1 thing to create a Pinterest account: a unique email address.

Creating a couple of accounts is easy. Just get an email from gmail or yahoo, and you are good to go. But, when you ramp up the process, you need dozens of email addresses every week.

And; those email services don’t let you to create emails day in and day out. They start asking phone verification numbers for each account.

To overcome this problem, I have started creating email addresses from the domains that I have.

For example; if I own and domain names, I started creating email addresses for those domains; like this:

  • etc etc.

Imagine, I have created hundreds of emails with a handful of domains. And it seems, Pinterest has found the footprint… 🙁 and killed all related accounts.

This was the problem.

I have lost many accounts because of this mistake.

So, what is the action and suggestion for you?

Do NOT use your own domain based email addresses.

Instead; create email addresses by using available email service providers: / / etc.


Now; is there a reason to stop working on Pinterest? No. A big, NO !

I know the process works, and now I know even more about Pinterest. I have started creating accounts with this knowledge, and as of now I have more accounts than beginning December. And the income is coming back to pre-December levels. So; things are still working 🙂

Here are my January traffic and income reports.


Because of the “December massacre” (! 🙂 ), my traffic went down like crazy.  Towards the end of November, my daily visits were around 200 – 250 unique / day (please check my 30 November report).

After losing almost all my accounts, the traffic went down to 30 – 40 unique / day levels.

Here is my January traffic graph:

Comparing to December 2018, my total traffic went down about %40 – 50.

In January the site had:

  • 2,531 unique visits (in average 80 unique / day)



We all know; more traffic means more income, and less traffic means less income. In parallel with the traffic level decrease, my income also decreased around 50% in January 2019.

The site has earned $ 56.62 in January. Here is the graph:


Total Site Income from the beginning:

If you are following this project since the beginning, you know that the site is ONLY 5 months old. I have registered the domain at the beginning of September.

Here is the total income level so far:

  • September 2018: $ 0
  • October 2018: $ 42.95
  • November 2018: $ 99.63
  • December 2018: $ 107.47
  • January 2019: $ 56.62


  • TOTAL: $ 306.76

What do you think about this figure?

5 Month old site made more than $ 300 already…

How many times you have accomplished this result in such a short time?



Future Predictions:

I was busy with account creations in January. I am back to pre-December levels for the number of accounts point of view.

I expect increase on the traffic and income levels in February. I think, the site won’t be able to break $ 200 level this month, but hopefully I will pass $ 100 level easily.


Plans for February:

As I mentioned above, I have created the ‘suspended’ accounts in January and back to initial level now. So, I am not planning to do any more work for this project.

I will just sit back and relax a little bit (for this project).

On the other hand, I wanted to finalize the “Pinterest Traffic Guide” in January. But I couldn’t… So sorry 🙁

I know (from the emails and messages that I receive) that many of you are waiting for this guide.

Most of the guide is ready. I am just going through it again and again for NOT to forget any important points.

My target is to create the ultimate guide for you, so you can start making money on the first month. It is doable, and I am sure you will do it.

I hope, before the mid February, the document will be available through this site (so, please subscribe from right hand side —> ). Again, here are the reasons to subscribe:

  1. Once the guide is ready, first we will make the announcement to our mailing list. The friends on our list will have priority to access to the detailed guide.
  2. And also, our subscribers will be able to have the guide with a discounted price.


Until our next article (hopefully in a week, or so), we wish you all a happy and successful February.







Updated: February 7, 2019 — 9:05 pm


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  1. Hi, Keep going. When pinterest guide will release.

    1. Thanks for your email.

      Hopefully the guide will be released this week… Stay tuned 🙂

  2. Thanks for your reply, One quick question. How many boards do you create for each pint account.

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