Monthly Report III – (for) February 2019

Hi everybody…

End of the shortest month of the year, and we are here again for another monthly update.

If you don’t have much time to read details of my update, here is the shortest summary: After re-creating my suspended Pinterest accounts, I am back on track. Both on traffic to my site, and on AdSense income level.

This shows me one thing: My approach and process still works with Pinterest. There may be some hiccups along the way, but as long as I stick with my process, the results come.

After losing almost all my accounts in December, I have created all 10 accounts from scratch, and added 10 more. If Pinterest wants to kill my process, I need to fight back – right? 🙂

All this account creation started giving the results this month.

As of now, I have 21 Pinterest accounts driving traffic to my site.

Here are the traffic and income details:



The newly created accounts started providing nice traffic already.

Nowadays, the site is getting around 350 unique visits a day. (isn’t it nice to have this kind of traffic for 6 months old site?).

Here are both monthly and daily traffic levels:

As you can see from this monthly graphic, as a result of December account suspensions, my January traffic was bad.

The quick reaction is important. Instead of losing time, I have just re-created more Pinterest accounts to deliver traffic to my site. And you see the results on February stats above.

And here is my daily traffic level:

And the total figure:

  • In February, the site has received a total of 8,364 unique visits. Which makes 298 unique visits / day. Not bad…



The more traffic means the more income, right? Yes – here is the proof.

In February, even though it is the shortest month of the year, the site has earned a record income: $127.74

February was the highest income month so far.


Total Site Income from the beginning:

It is always to keep an eye on the monthly income levels as well.

Here are my monthly numbers for this site:

  • September 2018: $ 0
  • October 2018: $ 42.95
  • November 2018: $ 99.63
  • December 2018: $ 107.47
  • January 2019: $ 56.62
  • February 2019: $ 127.74


  • TOTAL: $ 434.50 

I am always saying; as long as you continue to implement the process – the traffic will come to your site and the dollars will come to your bank account 😉


Future Predictions:

I expect the traffic and the income to go higher again this month.

I hope, I will break 500 unique / day visit level this month.

And also I hope, I will pass the $ 200 monthly income level in March.

Let’s see…


Plans for March:

I am NOT planning to work on this project in March. I have enough Pinterest accounts, and as long as they stay healthy – I will not add any more for this site / project.

Also, there was a big ‘to do’ item in my list for last month: To complete the “HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH FREE PINTEREST TRAFFIC” guide. I had some delays, but finally the guide is ready and on sale.

If you want to grab a copy, don’t delay. As of now, there’s a promotion and there is a 30% discount on the guide.

If you are planning to start earning money with free Pinterest traffic, it is time to buy the guide. Act fast, and act now… 30% off may end any moment…




Until the next report, I wish you great success on your online marketing work…









Updated: March 4, 2019 — 7:30 pm


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  1. every pinterest account how much boards do you create

    1. Hi;

      for each account I create between 5 – 15 boards. Just random number of boards. But in general, I try not to go no under 10 for each account…

  2. Hey Kutluay,

    Great progress with your niche site. I’m just starting with Pinterest this month to drive traffic to my niche site.

    I’m curious; are you using any automated tools to follow/unfollow Pinterest users?

    So far, I’m manually following users but that’s because I have one account. I’m thinking 10 accounts would need some kind of automation or something?


    1. Hi Don,

      Thanks for your message. And good decision to start working with Pinterest; great traffic source…

      Yes; I am using 2 different automation software for all my tasks – pinning, follow / unfollowing, repinning etc.

      As you say; when you manage only 1 account, things are easy. But once you start scaling (100, 200 or more accounts), you will need some automation. And the automation software comes into picture…

      Good luck with your IM business… cheers..

  3. Happy to see you have bounced back from the accounts being shut down – This is the kind of motivated attitude that creates winners!

    Also, for anyone else reading this, I have got myself a copy of the guide mentioned in the post and it has enabled me to get everything set up, I recommend it to anyone wanting to do this!

    1. Much appreciated for your comment and kind words Carl; many thanks… It means a lot to read such comments for me.

      I am sure you will have much success with this process. “Taking action” is the key for. You are on the track for a success. If any questions along the way, I am here to share my knowledge as much as I can…

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