Monthly Report IV – (for) March 2019

Hi everyone

I’m usually late to give the update about my Public Experiment Project, but this month I want to be on time. So; I am behind the keyboard on April 1st, Hopefully I’ll be able to compile and publish the report today.

Here is the very short summary for the people who doesn’t have time to read the whole report:

  • Traffic was good this month, and I have about 36% increase on the traffic. I expect the growth to continue this month as well
  • Income wasn’t as good as the traffic. Even though I have much more traffic during the March, my income level hasn’t increased. Actually, I have earned a couple of dollars less than February. March earnings: $ 123.94

Let’s dive into the details



The accounts that I have created in late December and January started generating traffic, good sign. This also shows that my process still works like clockwork.

My daily traffic average is;

  • 367 unique visitors / day
  • 456 page views / day

As you know, the site is 7 months old as of now. So; getting this much traffic is great for me.

Also; as you have seen in my previous update, the site has received more than 500 unique visitors in 1 day. This was a record for the site. Now the new target is 1.000 unique / day. Let’s see when I will reach that one.

Here’s the monthly traffic graph, since the beginning of the project:

The regular increase continues. There was a problematic period, second half of December and January, but overall the growth is consistent.

If the same growth continuous in April, I would expect around 450 unique visitors / day average at the end of April. We shall see 🙂



This sentence was from my last month’s article: “The more traffic means the more income, right? Yes – here is the proof.

I have learnt that this is NOT correct all the time 🙁 I have increased my site traffic more than 35%, however my income is reduced by $ 3.80 .

Before going into details, here is the overall situation:

The site has earned $ 123.94 in March. Which brings us to this total figures:

  • September 2018: $ 0
  • October 2018: $ 42.95
  • November 2018: $ 99.63
  • December 2018: $ 107.47
  • January 2019: $ 56.62
  • February 2019: $ 127.74
  • March 2019: $ 123.94
  • TOTAL: $ 558.44


The Decrease on Income

I am not quiet sure the exact reason on the AdSense income drop in March.

I have contacted with AdSense about this, and their response was like this in short: “This kind of decrease is normal for this time of the year. Keep en eye on the income level. And also, try different ad types / locations on your site

I am happy that nothing is wrong with my site, and it is not on AdSense’s ‘black list’. Nothing to worry about.

Also; I cannot do anything – if this is the overall trend of AdSense income accross the board. I’ll just wait and see.

However, if changing ad types is the key, I don’t want to miss that chance. So; I have started making some changes on my site. So far, I have done only one change (that I explained in this post – you can take a look).

Here are the 2 graphs for the 2 ad types on my site.


I have made the change on 19 March.

Between 1 – 19 March; the first ad type statistic:

  • # of impressions: 9,094
  • income: $ 9.64

And after the change, between 19 – 31 March; the second ad type statistics:

  • # of impressions: 4,933
  • income: $ 7.36


It seems the change made a positive impact on the income. Not  huge change, but definitely positive

I am implementing the same change on all my sites. Once I am done with this changes, I’ll keep testing and making necessary adjustments.


Predictions & Analysis

These were my last month’s predictions. Let’s see if I hit the target with them:

I expect the traffic and the income to go higher again this month. 



I hope, I will break 500 unique / day visit level this month.



And also I hope, I will pass the $ 200 monthly income level in March.



The issue was the AdSense income level. If it stayed on the same levels as previous months, I would be correct on all my predictions…


Plans for April

My only real plan for April is to increase the AdSense income to its regular levels. I will keep testing different options, and will try to find the optimum ad type / location combination.

I will keep sharing my findings in here.



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Until the next report, have a great time all…

Updated: April 1, 2019 — 6:44 pm


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  1. Thank you for the update.

    Are you solely monetizing your site using Adsense?

    1. For this public experiment, I am only using AdSense Don.

      For some of my other sites, I am also using Media.Net – but it’s earnings are much lower comparing to AdSense.

      Also; lately I have applied to Ezoic, and accepted. Soon I’ll test Ezoic and its income… If better than AdSense, I will replace all with Ezoic… Not sure yet; first testing is needed 🙂

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