Monthly Report V (almost end of July)

Hi everybody,

After a while, almost 4 months, here is the latest update.

First I think I need to give you a little explanation on why I haven’t written on this site for a while: All personal reasons… As you know by now, I have a family – 3 kids – daytime job etc. Sometimes things go wrong, and you may not have all the time to do the extra work. You may get sick, your kids may get sick, you may have some problems at the office, you may need to help your extended family members/friends/co-workers… you name it. There are many reasons that may take you off the road.

Same things happen to me. Couple of them, almost at the same time… And I end up not spending any time on my side projects. Now finally I am getting back to work.

All these hard times, you know what was the best?

Take a guess…



Did you say that, ‘the passive income still coming in’? If you did; yes, you are right 🙂

I have not spend any minute on my projects all this time, almost 4 months. And the AdSense money still keep coming. I have earned thousands of dollars during this time – all hands free. Would you like to have the same kind of freedom? Then, you need to start implementing the method… Don’t lose time – START TODAY.


So; how is the public experiment going?

First, a little summary as reminder (if you want the full details, check the latest report)


The site was getting around 350 unique / day in average in March


The site earned $ 123 in March


What is the situation since then?


First I will show you the weekly traffic starting 1 April, until now:

As you see from the graphic above, the traffic kept increasing in the month of April. But after that, it went down a little. This wasn’t a surprise for me. Even though the method is solid, you need a coupe of hours / week to keep things in order (you see the details, what needs to be done regularly etc. in my guide… Click here).

The traffic went down to lower levels in June.

I have started checking things and make necessary adjustments and I see the increase in July. I expect to see this growth in coming months.

Here is July traffic graphic:

The daily average is 329 unique visits / day. A little low than March (when I stopped working on the project).


How about the earnings?

Here is the Adsense earnings graph for the period starting April:

If easier for you to read the monthly earnings, here it is:

  • April 2019: $129.56
  • May 2019: $171.67
  • June 2019: $108.27
  • July 2019: $137.53 (27 days)




For me these are all good news. Just wanted to remind you once more; my method worked all hands-off last 4 months. And I made money without lifting my finger.

Would you create such sites for yourself? Even if you don’t do anything, would you want to keep earning $$$ every month?

Imagine having multiple sites like this. For example, I do have multiple sites… And my income level is on 4 digits – every month. Would you like to have a similar freedom? Just check my guide and take action now! TODAY!


Until the next update, have a great time everyone…

really happy to be back 🙂

Updated: July 28, 2019 — 1:16 am

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