Weekly Report 9 – 30 November

Hi everyone.

Another Friday, and I am preparing another weekly report for my public experiment site.

Today, I will provide some more screenshots; since today is the end of the month – 30 November. It will be good to show the monthly visitor numbers and monthly income all together.

I haven’t decided yet, but I may stop providing weekly updates; and instead start publishing monthly updates. Not sure yet… What do you think?

Ok, without taking much of your time, here are the 2 graphs for last week. Like always, first the traffic report and then the income.

Maybe you remember, last week’s traffic was not great. Because of the Thanksgiving weekend, overall site traffic was lower than the usual. I was expecting this to recover this week, and here is the proof:

This week, the site hit another milestone: More than 200 unique visitors in 1 day – 201 visitors to be exact! This week on Wednesday, we have broken the daily visitor record for the site. Yeyyyyy :-))

Today we have about 7 more hours to go, and the numbers are promising. The site got 117 unique visitors, and 154 pageviews so far… Maybe another record is coming… 🙂

Since today the end of the month, I want to give some additional graphs.

For the first time visitors to my site, I want to give couple key dates for the site:

  • domain name purchased on September 3rd (as of today, the site is less than 3 months old)
  • the site content is uploaded around mid September (means, actually the site age is around 2.5 months)
  • I have created Pinterest accounts in September, and since then there is NO WORK is done on the site / project. All going autopilot.

And here are 2 graphs; weekly and monthly visitor numbers. As you know, I have been providing the weekly updates since the beginning. But it is much better to see the growth on weekly and monthly graphs. Here are they:

Weekly visitor numbers:

Monthly visitor numbers (I love this one the most 🙂 ):

3 month old site is getting 3500 unique / month… !!!

This is impressive for me. And whoever says it is not impressive, sorry for my language but, that person is lying…


And now it’s the time for the income reports.

Last wee was very similar to previous 2 weeks’ income reports. Overall the site has earned $28.37

Now it is time for the monthly income report:

I love this graph and the income increase on the site :-))

Since the numbers are not clear on the graph, here is the actuals:

  • September 1 – 30: $ 0.10
  • October 1 – 31: $ 42.95
  • November 1 – 30: $ 98.72 (and there is 7 more hours to go to close this month. If the site makes $ 1.28 more today, we will pass the $ 100 / month limit 🙂 Let’s see )

How many sites you have created, and it earned $ 100 a month on its third month? Unfortunately, I know your answers: None… 🙁

Think about the possibilities:

  • If you create similar 10 sites; you can make $ 1,000 / month
  • If you create similar 50 sites; you can make $ 5,000 / month.

Wouldn’t it be a life changing additional income for you? Just think about it…


Until the next report, have a great weekend and week to everyone…







Updated: November 30, 2018 — 5:16 pm

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