What are these white-dots on Pinterest images?

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to write a short article about the new Pinterest functionality: “Shop to Look”.

Have you noticed, small white dots on some of the images on Pinterest? Something like this:


Do you know what are those white dots?

They are Pinterest ads. !

And, let me tell you something shocking: Pinterest is adding those white dots to any image that it wants…

Confusing, right? Let me make it simple:

  • Let’s assume you have a Pinterest account, and you are adding pins to your account
  • Of course, you are linking your website URL to those images
  • And one day you notice those white dots ON YOUR OWN images
  • When a user clicks to them, you expect to receive a new visitor to your site, right? NO ! Those small white dots have different URLs than your website. So; you are not receiving the traffic, but instead someone else’s site is getting the traffic.


Is this surprising?

For me, honestly, no. Simple: Pinterest is trying to make money. They are testing different income options.

Promoting Pins was one of the ways that Pinterest tried / trying to make money.

And now this small white dots.

It all depends how much it will make. If Pinterest will start making good amount of money as a result of these small “cute!” white dots, be prepared to see more of them on every Pinterest image.


Let’s start thinking, how can this new feature help to our business? Any ideas?


Updated: March 12, 2019 — 8:26 pm


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  1. How can I add the white dots if I download my own design ?

    1. Unfortunately Pinterest doesn’t give that possibility to users (yet). Maybe one day…

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