Weekly Report 3 – 19 October

Another Friday, another weekly report time. Here are the latest updates on the site traffic and the income.

I am so happy today, and eager to share the update with you. So, without waiting the later hours of the day – right in the morning I am sharing the stats. For sure, the stats will increase for today. But I want to share as soon as possible and show you the growth.

First, let me remind you the key data to you again:

  • The domain is purchased on 4 September (exactly, only 45 days ago – you can check the whois records).
  • The site created in a week or so  – lets say 10 September. only 5 weeks ago
  • You can see the traffic increases from weekly reports. The highest daily visit was 10 October with 25 unique and 32 page views.

And lets see this week’s numbers:

Isn’t it simply IMPRESSIVE !

The highest day was yesterday, October 18th – with 74 unique visits and 88 page views. Don’t forget, this site is 45 days old.

Please tell me, how many times in your life you have achieved these numbers in 1,5 months?

And here is the income update:

As you may remember, this is what I wrote on my previous report: “Honestly I am not happy about the income level, yet. If this continues this way, I may need to tweak things a little… We will see in a couple of weeks.

I will not need to make any changes, here is the proof:

Only last week, the site has earned $ 11.98 from Adsense. I am happy with the growth. I believe, it will earn around $20 for this month (October).


Any thoughts? Do you think this is impressive? Or just a normal site? 😉


Until the next post, have a great time…

Updated: October 19, 2018 — 1:49 pm

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