Weekly Report 4 – 26 October

Hi everyone;

It is finally Friday 🙂 Who is ready for the weekend? I am not sure about you, but I am definitely ready for it 🙂

This week’s update doesn’t have super good news about the site. Of course it is getting traffic, and the income is coming. But the traffic increase seems stopped (traffic is NOT stopped, just the INCREASE has stopped). I was expecting this kind of results; but honestly not now. I was expecting the growth to continue at least 1 more week and then the traffic to gets stabilized.

There may be a couple of reasons for this:

1- The Pinterest home decor niche is getting too crowded. Traffic is of course getting effected because of this.

2- Seasonality: People are busy with looking for ideas for Halloween, this may have a little impact

3- Pinterest algorithm changes. Like Google, Pinterest is also making changes on its ranking algorithm. I have heard from many people this week that their traffic is simply went to 0 (ZERO). So, this may be the reason.

I am not planning to spend time on this site and the process for another week, or two. I will keep an eye on the graphs, and if needed I will make some changes (and of course I will report the changes here).

Until then, I am spending NO TIME on this site. Simply, I am leaving the process to run. I will just collect the money from Adsense 😉

This week’s daily average is 70 unique visits / day, and 85 pageviews / day. Considering the age of the site, I don’t have any complaints… But I want more :-))

Let’s see the income situation:

Another $14 in my pocket. Considering the amount of work (basically zero work), I will never say ‘no’ to this amount 🙂

Think from this perspective: Most probably this site will make around $35 this month. If you have 10 of these sites, your monthly income will $350. How about 100 sites? Who says no to an extra $3,500 in a month? I wouldn’t 😉

If you are trying to get traffic with SEO, basically having 100 site is IMPOSSIBLE. You cannot create enough content, you cannot create any back links, etc. But with my method; 100 is possible… Even 1,000 is possible. You just create a site, in 1 day. Create Pinterest accounts, another 2-3 days. And let them do the work… You enjoy the money 🙂

Until the next update, hopefully you will have great time.


Updated: October 26, 2018 — 5:20 pm

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