Weekly Report 5 – 2 November

Hi everyone… Hope you had a good Halloween (if you are from a country with Halloween custom), and you have lots of candy šŸ™‚ I was out 3 hours on Halloween day with my kids, and now we have enough candy for a year (or more :-)) ). Kids’ excitement is over for Halloween, and now they started waiting for Christmas / New Year… I wish to be a kid… again… šŸ™‚

Enough social talk, and let’s focus our business.

You may remember; in my last week’s report I wrote this: “I was expecting this kind of results; but honestly not now. I was expecting the growth to continue at least 1 more week and then the traffic to gets stabilized.“.

After a couple of delay, the increase has started again… yeyyyy šŸ™‚ Yesterday ( November 1st) was the best day ever for this site:

  • 120 unique
  • 146 pageview
  • $3.86 income (this is not ‘the best’ for this site though, I had $5.50 / day before)

Today is also another strong day, and we may break our yesterday’s record… Let’s see… Still we have 5-6 more hours, and currently site has 98 unique visits…

Here is the weekly traffic and income reports:

And here is the Adsense report for last week:


Here is a very simple short summary:

  • Site age: 2 months (minus 2 days šŸ™‚ )
  • Total number of posts: 5
  • Total number of unique visits: 1,798
  • Total page views: 2,233
  • Total income: $51.09


If you are not impressed with these numbers, I don’t know what makes you impressed :-))

Let me know what do you think about this experiment… hard to believe? easy to repeat? not impressive? wow? just let me know your thoughts below…


Have a great weekend, and until we meet again enjoy the life šŸ™‚

Updated: November 2, 2018 — 6:15 pm


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  1. Wow, impressive traffic for a new site

    1. It is, right?

      And believe me; whenever I start a new site – i see a similar graph… So, the technique is tested and tested many times. It works !

  2. question how do you keep track of all your pinterest account and all your info? how many re pins do you do on every account everyday?

    1. Hi Avi,

      Thanks for your interest and the questions.

      I have an excel file that I use, to track all project related activities. It has many sheets in it (proxies, pinterest account details, passwords, email addresses etc.). I suggest to use some kind of file to track all these, otherwise all these data become a mess real quick.

      In average i pin between 50 – 80 pins per pinterest account. If I have 5 boards in the account, it makes -in average- 10 – 15 pin / board / day.

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