Weekly Report 7 – 16 November

Dear guests,

first of all; sorry for the quiet time for the last 2 weeks. First I was a little sick, and then the big Thanksgiving weekend in US – I didn’t touch anything for about 10 days. But now I am back with updates.

It is a great feeling that once in a while you can leave things as they are, and you keep earning money through the process that you put in place. This is the whole idea of “passive income”, right? Even though nothing in life is 100% passive, this process is as passive as it gets. I am thankful to internet and this process and pinterest etc. 🙂

I will not keep you waiting any longer and will provide the traffic and income updates right now:

Here is the latest traffic stats. As you can see below the screenshot, the site had the best day ever yesterday – on November 15th, with 174 unique visitors and 200 pageviews 🙂 I don’t have any complaint about this kind of traffic for such a young site 🙂

The income is also in a good track; the site is keep getting Adsense clicks and generating income. All by itself, with no additional work on it. Here is the report for this week.

The income level is almost the same as last week; $ 25 / week. Which makes about $100 / month. No complaints for this figure as well 🙂

The next week will be Thanksgiving week for US. If you are from States, you already know how big holiday is this holiday. If you are not from US, I want to let you know that this is the holiday which people visit their families, and get together in their parents’ homes etc.

This is a huge time for families, and I expect the slow down in the traffic and the income. People will be spending more time with their families and less time on mobile devices / computers / internet. Some loss on the traffic and income level is expected. We will see the results in my next report.

Until then, have a great week to everyone…

Updated: November 26, 2018 — 9:25 pm

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