Pinterest Communities feature

Lately Pinterest has announced the new “Communities” feature.

With the first look, it seems, Pinterest is trying to become a little more ‘social platform’.

Also, again with the first look, I believe Pinterest has not fully deployed this new feature to all users yet. I wasn’t able to find the feature easily. I think, Pinterest is testing this with limited users and making the necessary adjustments wherever needed.

Once you are able to join a community or create a community, you will start seeing the “Communities” link on top of your screen:

And this is what you will see once you are in it:

On top, the communities that you have created, and at the bottom the suggested – existed communities that you can join.

I have already created 5 communities. I am not sure if there’s a limit, or there’s a system problem – I wasn’t able to create any other communities. Maybe, it is allowed to have only x number of communities per user. Not sure yet, and I couldn’t find any documentation on this yet.

I will keep playing with this new feature.

I suggest you to create a relevant community for your needs (if you are planning to promote your own products / services / website etc.). And do this without losing any time.

Why? Because the Pinterest Communities names are ‘unique’. What does it mean? If someone has already created a community with a name (let’s say “Interior Design Ideas”), no one else will be able to create another community with the same name. For example, sine I have already created the “Interior Design Ideas” community, no other user will be able to create it. So, it belongs to me.

You can think this like domain names. Once someone registers the domain name, there is no way to re-register it again.

I am not sure if the new community feature will become a big hit or not, but if it becomes – better to have some great names under your account.

As I mentioned before, this is a move from Pinterest towards to become more ‘social platform’. So, interaction is important. If you create a community, try to post regularly and try to interact with the other members.

Here’s the example, and you will see what I mean by ‘interaction’:

This is like FB posts. People can like, and also make comments about the pins.

I -personally- don’t believe that this feature will become a big hit. Pinterest’s user base and their usage styles are different than FB, or IG users.

But this is me… who knows…???

What do you think?

Updated: October 11, 2018 — 6:49 pm

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